Root & Rise Retreat

Your Earthed Soul Connection

Do want to know who is on your spirit team?

Do you feel a strong desire to connect with the land and seek answers?

Would you like to strengthen your connection with your spirit realm?

Root & Rise Retreat might be for you!

Root & Rise Retreat

We are excited to share something that is very dear to our hearts. There’s nothing more empowering than rooting back to Mother Earth while nourishing and tending to the body.

We get it, there are times in life we need an extra reboot to bring us back to a heart-centered path of living. As we spend the time rooting back in our authentic soul connection, there is a new and exciting step to Rise back in life and take aligned and empowered action. This is our passion and this is why we have created Root & Rise Retreat.

Not only will you get to spend time with amazing soul sisters, you will be nourished and held by the great mother in the beautiful mountains in Eden Utah. During our time together you will be reconnected to your plant allies through sacred ceremony and journeying. You will spend time connecting to the spirits of the land and receiving insight as you participate in a Walkabout. There will be plenty of experiences connecting to your soul allies. 

Where The Magic Will Happen

The Ogden Valley is an outdoor Mecca with something for everyone. Depending on the time of year you will have several experiences to choose from. We will be spending time outside connecting with the beauty and rich history of these luxurious mountains. You’re all in one ceremony space and lodging is all yours to enjoy throughout your entire stay. Zen mountain studio has an entrance from the outside and within the home. We have different bed accommodations for this retreat. And all the pillows you could ask for, a full bath with a shower/tub. Fully stocked with earth-friendly shampoo, conditioner, locally made goat’s milk soap and lotions. 


What Are Allies?

We have a variety of spiritual allies, such as deities, ancestors, land spirits, animals, plants, and other beings. Sometimes these allies may come and spend time with us for a short or long period, and then leave. Other spiritual allies will be with us throughout our entire lives, whether we are aware of them or not.

Finding your spiritual allies is a continual process of growth and connection. These allies can become like family and create deep personal bonds with us. When we have these relationships and bonds, it feels like we’re working with our “tribe” who understands us on a deep level.

Our spiritual allies are the ones who choose us, rather than the other way around. We may not understand all the reasons behind their choice, but they communicate with us in their unique ways. Sometimes, an ally may appear unexpectedly and disrupt our current set of allies, but this is often for our growth and development.

Plant Allies

A plant ally is a plant that you develop a special connection with, similar to that of a close friend. They excel at helping you tap into your intuition and gain a clear understanding. Your plant allies refer to a groups of nourishing or medicinal plants, these plants spirits are here to support your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual well-being. There are many different forms of plant allies; in which each has their own unique medicine.

Animal Allies

An animal allie/totem is a natural object or creature, like an animal, that shares an energy connection with you. Many people find it simpler to identify an animal as a helpful companion since their lively presence in our lives is easier to notice. Animals are a good way for nature to communicate with your spirit since we come across them every day. You may encounter different totems throughout your life, some may visit briefly while others may stick with you for a longer period. 

Spirit Allies

Spirit guides are beings that don’t have a physical form, and they have agreed to a soul contract to assist you in navigating the material realm and directing you towards realizing your highest potential while on earth. They can appear as ancestors or animal spirits, voices and visions, but their vibration always exceeds that of humans. They can be considered light beings, energy, or souls that have made their way to a higher plane.

Land Allies

The spirits living in certain places or features of the land are called land spirits. They have a significant impact on the land and its inhabitants. Land spirits can either bless or curse people who live or travel within the land, and they can also be blessed or cursed in return. They aggressively defend their native land and do not tolerate disrespect, showing strong emotions in general.

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We are so honored for your interest in our Root & Rise Retreat. If this calls to your heart, we would love to have you join us on this 3 day & 2 night retreat. Spaced are limited and filling up quickly. Fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you shortly. 

Meet Laurie

Hi there,
I am Laurie Z Divine. I live in the beautiful mountains of Northern Utah with my husband and our 2 daughters. I am an embodied photographer, Reiki master and also have also completed the core training and advanced training with the Somatica Institute (sex and relationship coaching certification).
I have spent a lot of my adult life unhooking from a very patriarchal religious upbringing. I love working with women to become more fully embodied and connected to their true self  though individual, intuitively curated medicine journeys and embodied photography.
At the beginning of 2020, I heard the call of my plant allies. After experiencing deep soul transform through medicine journeying, I felt  a reconnection to truth that felt like home.

While on the road , living in an RV full time, an unwinding brought me to a new sense of connection with nature, myself, and a new way of living. I am a sacred disruptor and committed to showing up for my daughters and all women in an embodied, empowered, sovereign and  loving way. It is my passion to help others who are healing the call from their plant Allies.
Big love,
Laurie Z

Meet Jenn


Hi I am Jenn,
I am married to my best friend and have two fur babies. For the last 6 years I have been focusing my time on delivering messages from loved ones who have passed on. In other words, I am a professional medium.



Having courage to step into my spiritual gifts as my profession has been an up and down battle. Some of the most rewarding times as well as some of the hardest times. As I have discovered and explored this amazing medicine woman path, it has transformed who I am and how I view life. 



Learning from the past has transformed my present moment and changed what I thought was possible for the future. 



It is my passion and dream to help empower others to explore their soul’s journey and reclaim truth that only comes from within. 


This beauty path has helped  me  go within and heal, explore profound universal truths, and stand with much more courage to authentically live my life.  



My hope is to introduce this beauty path to others allowing for deeper self-discovery and an intimate relationship to life. It has transformed my life and I wanted nothing more than for others to feel this powerful medicine at work. 


Love & Light,



Are you interested in discovering your spirit team?
Do you feel the need to connect with the land and seek guidance?
Do you want to enhance your connection with the spiritual realm?
We would love to have you at our next

Root & Rise Retreat

Your Earthed Soul Connection