Connect to the medicine within

What is a Mystery School?

Mystery Schools have been around for thousands of years. They were hidden from society to protect the teachers and students from being ostracized or killed. To understand your sovereignty, divinity and power was considered evil and dangerous. This is why it was hidden from mainstream society, and called a Mystery School.

What is beautiful about this spiritual awakening, is that people are waking up to the realization of their true identity, as divine beings in form. As a result, people are also discovering that Gifts of Spirit are a natural part of who they are. Not only are Gifts of Spirit natural, but they are a way for us to experience more intimate connection with each other, the divine and the natural world.

When we remember our divine self, We awaken the medicine within. In doing so, this medicine activates color, vitality, and sweetness to life. It empowers us to navigate, embrace, and thrive in this physical journey.

There is nothing more powerful than a group of open-hearted women getting together to support one another. As this awakening continues, we need tribes now more than ever!


At Modern Sages, we finds joy in empowering others all over the world, with tools to strengthen intuition and Gifts of Spirit. It is their belief that there is no greater power than to connect with the inner wisdom found within the heart.

The heart is the connection to the divine, the catalyst for true healing and awakening.  It is their hope that these tools will create a deeper connection to yourself, others and the divine that is found within.



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