Ignite The Fire Within

Have you felt a deep desire to embrace the divine feminine into your spirit practices?

Are you ready to change the frequency of your everyday life?

Have you felt a deeper call to connect to your spirit truth?

Modern Sages Ignite 4 Week Workshop just might be for you!

It will be a 4 week journey back to the heart of who your soul came here to be and ignite what your soul came here to create.

We will dive deeper into different aspects of who you truly are. We will be reclaiming ancient wisdom that has been hidden for generations. By doing so, we ignite the spark of your souls true expression. Reclaiming truths that were tucked away to keep you safe. We will be using Shamanic Journey work and sacred ritual to bring those truths back to life, giving them permission to activate and show up in the world all around you.

If you feel the call, it is time!

March 12th - April 9nd 2023

Tea for the soul

Sundays 9:00-10:00 MST

Sunday March 12, 20, 27

Sunday April 6

This is where we can get to know each other, share what we have learned from the previous week. This is a great space of integration and connection. 

Journey Work

Wednesday Evenings 7:30-9:00 MST

March 15, 22, 29 

April 9

Topics We Will Cover

Each lesson is meant to build off one another. This will lead to an un-raveling in a safe space to really dive deep into that heart center. It is there that we reclaim that spark of life. Providing direction moving forward for a heart centered life.

We will spend time meeting your spirit team to help you powerfully move forward in life. This may consist of  spirit guides, ancestors, ascended masters, and animal allies. You are not alone in the life you want to create. This is the perfect way to co-create with your angel team. 

Ignite The Fire Within

4 Weeks Of Soul Transformation

$ 222
  • Venmo Payments Accepted

Shamanic Practices We Will Use

Journey Work

The Shamanic journey involves traveling within oneself for the purpose of connection and healing. It is a way to safely leave the body and explore the Cosmic Divine Self. This profound exploration assists the soul in the discovering the answers to life’s most intimate questions.

Sand Painting

The Sand Painting, is an ancient healing tool that has long been used by various cultures around the globe. This sand painting is used for self-healing, empowerment, prayers, and transformation. 

For those participating in this sand painting, you will be aligning your intention for self-healing with the sacred energy you are calling in.  This has been done by medicine men and women have for thousands of years.

The purpose is to set a physical representation of your inner intention. As it is infused with pure intentions and a commitment from yourself. This holds power to transform love experiences and transmute energies in your life.

Let me tell ya… it is POWERFUL!

Lets Get Started

If you are feeling the call, it is time to take action! We would love to have you in this soul transforming 4 week course. This is going to be an intimate  group so there will be limited seats available. This will be a very intentional group working together. 

*Please Fill Out The Form To Apply. 

Once Form is completed, Jenn will be reaching out. 

Ignite The Fire Within

4 Weeks Of Soul Transformation

$ 222
  • Venmo Payments Accepted