Online Course

How To Connect To Your Ancestors

Have you felt called to connect to Those who have passed?
Do you feel your ancestors have a message for you?
Are you looking for some spiritual tools to bring you closer to your ancestors?
How To Connect To Your Ancestors is the perfect course for you!

I am Jenn Gilbreth, As a medium I have delivered hundreds of messages for those who have passed on.

I recently have felt a deep call from the ancestors, it is time to dive deeper, helping others learn how to hear and communicate with their ancestors.

It is my purpose in life to help others remember who they truly are. Connecting to my ancestors has brought such a great sense of peace and joy that I cannot wait to share with you!

Life can be so difficult, heavy, and so lonely at times. It is extremely empowering to feel the support from the other side knowing are our deceased loved ones are cheering us on is such a blessing.

What We Will Be Covering In This Course

  • Group Full Moon Fire Ceremony
  • Circle Divine Messages
  • Group New Moon Cacao & Water Ceremony
  • Why Ancestors?
  • Misconceptions Of The Ancestors
  • Connecting To Your Roots
  • Physical Tools & Activities For Connection
  • Four Guided Journeys
  • Making Connection Fun
  • Creating Signs From Your Ancestors

Full Moon Fire Ceremony

When: June 3rd, 2023 
Location: Syracuse, Utah
Time: 7- 10 PM

The Full Moon is about releasing that which no longer is serving you. During the full moon many will feel a heightened sense of emotion, there is a call to look at that which is no longer serves and find ways of releasing those elements. Full moon can feel intense at times! The sand painting ceremony helps navigate and cop through the changes that are showing up in front of you.

A fire ceremony is a sacred and holy ritual that can serve various purposes, such as marking a new phase of life like a birth, death, or separation, or setting an intention for releasing and letting go. It is even more powerful when surrounded by a supportive community.

*If you cant make it in person, you can zoom in*

New Moon Cacao & Sacred Water Ceremony

When: June 17th, 2023 
Location: Syracuse, Utah
Time: 7- 10 PM

During the new moon there can be a heightened sense of creation. The new moon is all about setting a new intention, receiving guidance, experiencing a new perspective. It’s really fun during the new moon to connect to your guides during a sound painting to set intention of moving forward of reclaiming parts of us of reclaiming parts of us may have been lost well we have action steps of moving forward. 

A Cacao Ceremony is a celebratory ritual that opens the heart through the use of cacao. Traditionally, Cacao Ceremonies have been conducted by the Maya and Ancient Aztec civilizations. These ceremonies were conducted by shamans.

This ceremony was absolutely connected and so beautiful.

*If you cant make it in person, you can zoom in*

Tuesday Evening Gatherings

When: June 6, 13, 20, 27
Location: Zoom Calls
Time: 7-8:30 PM

This will be a great time to connect with your soul tribe. We will have Q&A’s along with activities to deepen our connection to the ancestral realm. 

Online Classes

You will receive access to an online portal. There will be four classes of pre-recorded activities, journal prompts, E-Book, and guided meditations to deepen your connection. 

$333 $ 269
  • In Person Fire Ceremony
  • In Person Cacao Ceremony
  • Weekly Check-In Calls
  • Online Class Portal
  • Guided Journeys
  • Sacred Circle Messages

It is my passion to open the door for healing, helping people know that they’re connected, supported, and that they’re not alone on this human journey.

Limited spaces open; Apply below and we will be in touch.

In this course, I will be sharing ways to help you reconnect to that spiritual aspect of who you are. In doing so, this will create an opening to the gateway for you to connect to your ancestors, bringing a deeper connection and trust in yourself. 
We will talk about the misconceptions of those who have passed. We will discover why diving into your roots will bring you power. I will guide you in some meditations and a very powerful journey.
In this journey you will connect with your ancestors while receiving “A Gift Of Life” they will offer you.

In This Course You Will Receive The Following

  • Two In Person Group Ceremonies
  • Four Check-In Calls
  • Hands on activities to connect your ancestors
  • Access to guided journeys and meditations
  • Printable PDF; Including journal prompts Activities and more free content
  • You will receive “A Gift Of Life” from your ancestors
  • Exclusive access to a spiritual online community

As we connect back to our ancestors we truly are connecting back to the roots of who we are and where we came from. When we can learn from those who came before us. We learn the lessons they did as they walked this human journey long before us.
This is such a gift we are given at this time.
Join Medium Jenn as you awaken to the roots of where you came from.

What Others Are Saying

Are you being called to connect back with your ancestors? Doing so will reconnect you to your spiritual gifts. It will also activate the gifts that have laid dormant in your family lineage. It will ignite a sense of home within.

Medium Jenn Gilbreth