Embrace The Medicine With

Throughout history, in every nation, tribe, and village records of Medicine Women have been found. These medicine women assisted in bringing balance to the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being of each member of the tribe.These Medicine Women were the local therapists, physicians, psychologists, teachers, and counselors.

They were known to walk between realms. A huge aspect of their work was done in the authorial (spirit) realm. Having the knowledge that all things are connected, they healed elements spiritually. This would have a direct impact on bringing balance to well-being of who they were working with.

They were connected to the healing powers of Mother Earth. They prepared herbs, roots, berries, and plants. These were made into poultices, teas, and other foods as part of their medicinal practice.

These roles were so respected that the tribe provided all that they needed to solely focus all their time and energy on healing the community. They also taught sensitive and gifted children the ways of healing. These practices were passed down for generations.

Within every culture, the medicine was accessed differently, yet the medicine was powerful and effective. There was no pill to take for a headache. If you were sick, herbs were used to heal and purify the body.


These Medicine Men and Women would also heal and purify the soul. Bringing the physical and spiritual back into balance. These Medicine people were known as the deer, visionary, the intuitive, the healer, and the truth-holder.

They were known to see the past, present, and future. They held deep wisdom about energy healing and expanded consciousness. They accessed deep wisdom as they looked deep into the hearts of those they were working with.

In the pre-patriarchal past, “Medicine” was celebrated and cherished. As the patriarchal system rose to power, Medicine Women and Medicine Men across a variety of cultures were condemned, punished, and suppressed.

The pure, once cherished medicine, was deemed as evil, unworthy, or a cause for eternal damnation.

The beauty of this ancient Medicine has not been lost. In the modern age, there has been a huge spiritual awakening. The power is this pure medicine is surfacing in palpable and undeniable ways. Many are being called back to the roots, to Mother Earth, the feminine flow of divine connection.

There are more practicing Medicine Women alive today than ever before. There has been an increase in naturalists, herbalists, massage therapists, reiki practitioners, channelers, teachers of spirituality, meditation, journey work, and so on.

Many are using ancient knowledge in a combination of new technologies and intuition.

All this knowledge and passion stems from the heart. The access point/ gateway of heaven and earth. Many are hearing the call from the ancestors, those who walked long before.

They are here to help us bring back to balance the truths that were banished and turned away.

Many are remembering their soul’s true essence. They are more than this human experience. Wisdom from lifetimes before is being accessed and reclaimed. This is such a powerful time to be alive!

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