Channeling Three Herbal Spirits For The Mind

Herbs have become such a huge passion of mine. As I have spent time leaning into the medicine that calls to my soul, a new found passion and understanding has occurred. The ancient and modern ways are being called to bridge together.

There is good that can be taken and merged together to change the projection of where the world has been and where the world is going now and in the future. This podcast isn’t meant to disregard the importance of western medicine, it is to find a balance welcoming in the ancient & modern ways together.

All around the world, ancient healing was used. Within every culture, the medicine was accessed differently, yet the effects were powerful and effective. There was no pill to take for a headache. If you were sick, herbs were used to heal and purify the body. These Medicine Men and Woman would also heal and purify the soul. Bringing the physical and spiritual back into balance. These Medicine people were known as intuitive, seers, healer, and wisdom -holders. They were known to see the past, present, and the future. They held deep wisdom to energy healing and expanded consciousness. They were able to access deep wisdom as they looked into the hearts of those they were working with.

Stinging Nettle

Nettle tea is made from the dried leaves of the stinging nettle. Once picked and dried, the leaves lose their sting and are perfectly safe to ingest. Used as a folk remedy for thousands of years, nettle tea is now seeing a resurgence in popularity due to its high nutrient content and ability to combat inflammation.

There are several benefits of drinking nettle tea. Its traditional uses include treating hay fever and seasonal allergies, managing inflammation and joint pain, and protecting against urinary tract infections.From combatting hay fever to soothing inflamed joints, there are plenty of benefits of nettle tea.


If you are looking for a calling & soothing blend. Chamomile is the tea for you.

This tea has been used as a traditional medicine for thousands of years. The medicinal benefits vary from calming the  nerves to assist in stomach ailments, treat inflammations, and aids with skin and eye infections.

This soothing blend is also known to assist with  sleep.

If you need a little assistance in calming the mind, body, or spirit…

Give chamomile a try.

Chamomile Flowers- calming herbal tea. Helps with, anxiety, depression, muscle pain and insomnia.

Raspberry Leaf

Red Raspberry has many medicinal properties. Some of the most common benefits are; hormone balance, aids in constipation, soothes cold & flu symptoms, and it is loaded with nutrients. Raspberry leaf is known as a woman’s herb. It has been researched for years and demonstrated some potential health benefits when it comes to women’s health.

The herbal tea is made from the leaves of the raspberry plant known by the botanical name Rubus idaeus.

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Full Moon Fire Ceremony

When: June 3rd, 2023 
Location: Syracuse, Utah
Time: 7- 10 PM

The Full Moon is about releasing that which no longer is serving you. During the full moon many will feel a heightened sense of emotion, there is a call to look at that which is no longer serves and find ways of releasing those elements. Full moon can feel intense at times! The sand painting ceremony helps navigate and cop through the changes that are showing up in front of you.

A fire ceremony is a sacred and holy ritual that can serve various purposes, such as marking a new phase of life like a birth, death, or separation, or setting an intention for releasing and letting go. It is even more powerful when surrounded by a supportive community.

New Moon Cacao & Sacred Water Ceremony

When: June 17th, 2023 
Location: Syracuse, Utah
Time: 7- 10 PM

During the new moon there can be a heightened sense of creation. The new moon is all about setting a new intention, receiving guidance, experiencing a new perspective. It’s really fun during the new moon to connect to your guides during a sound painting to set intention of moving forward of reclaiming parts of us of reclaiming parts of us may have been lost well we have action steps of moving forward. 

A Cacao Ceremony is a celebratory ritual that opens the heart through the use of cacao. Traditionally, Cacao Ceremonies have been conducted by the Maya and Ancient Aztec civilizations. These ceremonies were conducted by shamans.

This ceremony was absolutely connected and so beautiful.

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When: June 6, 13, 20, 27
Location: Zoom Calls
Time: 7-8:30 PM

This will be a great time to connect with your soul tribe. We will have Q&A’s along with activities to deepen our connection to the ancestral realm. 

Online Classes

You will receive access to an online portal. There will be four classes of pre-recorded activities, journal prompts, and guided meditations to deepen your connection. 

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