A Soul’s Transition; Rainbow Bridge, Mind, Activation (EAST)

On this episode of The Modern Sages Podcast, we talk about the direction of east. Our human experience is made of four elements; Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. All of these aspects are what we will experience while we are here. Depending on what we naturally experience can often also show where our greatest connection to spirit may be experienced as well. On this podcast, we address the relationship with the east, the mind, and the transition over the rainbow bridge that those who cross over encounter. 

In the mental aspect, we reflect on how much of the concepts and beliefs are directing our beliefs as opposed to our hearts. If we don’t bring the physical aspect into balance, it becomes a mass distraction. We start over-identifying with our bodies instead of staying connected to the remembrance of who we are. 

The Rainbow Bridge

When this card is pulled, this is a sign that your loved ones are at peace. Regardless of their passing, whether sudden, unexpected, self-inflicted, old age, or a timely passing, this is a sign of peace. During a soul’s transition from the physical to the spirit realm, each soul moves through the rainbow bridge.

In this space, they are greeted with much support, love, and light from those who have come before. These loved ones remind them of their higher divine infinite being. They offer the courage to look at this physical journey as a period of growth and soulful lessons learned. They help them remember these experiences do not define who it is that they truly are.

This gives them the freedom to look upon their life in a way that is very healing and empowering. This brings an eagle-eye view of wholeness vs. getting stuck in the concrete unseen. 

As they step onto this rainbow bridge, they begin to acknowledge and see a new perspective on the life they lived. They can see the soul lessons, releasing the attachment of the physical mindset. 

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