How To Have New Relationship With Life

We hold immense significance in the world that surrounds us. The seven sacred directions encompass our human experience. By cultivating awareness, we can tap into the wisdom of these ancient traditions and eternal truths that have been passed down through generations.

They exist in harmony with us. We coexist with them. We are united within this energy.

Embracing this knowledge provides us with a profound opportunity to embrace our own healing. It allows us to fully embrace the gift of life while honoring our authentic selves.


We need not wander as wounded souls; instead, we can walk as healed individuals, fully experiencing this physical existence and recognizing the purpose that resides within it all.

A sacred ceremony is a profoundly transformative experience that signifies and celebrates new beginnings, life-altering events, or significant milestones on one’s soul journey.

Throughout our lives, there are pivotal moments that call for sacred ceremonies. However, it’s important to note that these ceremonies are not limited to just those occasions.

A sacred ceremony can be an intimate and personal affair or a shared experience with others. It can be as simple or as elaborate as desired.

We take pride in the sanctuaries we call home and the vehicles that transport us. Our eyes are often fixated on screens, neatly confined within their frames, shaping our thoughts, emotions, and perceptions of the world. We encase our feet in shoes, further separating ourselves from the earth and the wisdom it offers. We are conditioned to believe that life is meant to be contained within rigid boundaries.

If we are not mindful of our activities, we can spend the entire day confined in man-made boxes. Let’s remember that life is not meant to be confined; our spirit thrives when it’s free.

When we feel alone, lost, or disconnected, it’s important to realize that we are not truly at home. The world is a playground, inviting us to explore and play. Just outside our door, there is abundant connection waiting to be experienced. Take a step outside, even if only for a moment, and rediscover the essence of your spirit. Mother Earth is the epitome of pure creation.

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