I Watched Myself Die; Here Is What I Learned…..

In this episode of the podcast, I share something that is very personal and vulnerable. I partook in plant based shrooms ceremony. It has been something I have wanted to do for a whole now. It was incredible. Everything I could have imagined and then some.
I WATCHED MYSELF DIE. It was powerful, sacred, and soul-changing!

There were many lessons learned in the process. In this podcast…. I share my in-depth experience.

As is watched myself die… I held such reverence and respect for the woman I had been. It was a feeling that human words cannot be put into form. I saw me. I saw all of me. I honored and loves every bit of that woman. Thanking her for bringing me to this moment in my human life. It was pure magic.

3 Major Lessons I learned…..

1. Creation Is Our Souls Expression

During my journey, I was shown that we each come here to express creativity. When we are authentically embracing and actively moving into a creative space… we are lighting our souls up. We each come here to express our own unique creative light. The more we follow the flow and light within the brighter it becomes.

We spend so much time looking to others to tell us how to create… when our soul has a natural expression that wants to be shared. When we express our creation we are living to the fullest authentic soul truth.

2. The Slavery To Money Holds Us In A Box

This profound experience was so eye-opening. Society has held us captive by the means of money. So many of us spend time focusing on how to make a living vs actually living. Money is an illusion. That doesn’t mean it has no effect in this life… it most certainly does. However, if we can pull back from the scarcity and look at money as a whole… it truly is nothing more than an illusion. Who made up money? Who said it was a certain amount? Most of the time we never even touch it… it is just a number on a screen. And yet so many spend their whole life captive to the illusion of money. Looking at it from this viewpoint helped me look at money completely differently.

3. Food is a frequency

Leading up to my journey, I was in the thick of becoming vegan or vegetarian. I wasn’t fully sure what truly resonated with me, soul. I quickly came to understand that just as money… Food also is a frequency. The food that is the worst for our body… Brings a deep destiny to life… Is the cheapest. It is far more expensive to eat clean -high-frequency foods- than processed low dense foods. This too is a space in which we can be held captive.

While this is a very controversial topic, I found for myself that eating fake meats was putting foreign processed chemicals into my body. Making me much more sluggish and didn’t feel right. I also feel that way if I eat too much meat. Moderation in things. Focusing solely on the frequency my body can call on.

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