Healing autoimmune & Inner Child Healing W/ Cynthia Clarke

On this episode of The Modern Sages Podcast, guest speaker Cynthia Clarke shares her story. In this episode, Cynthia shares her experience navigating auto-immune decease, deep childhood wounds, and faith crisis.  We talk about the power of inner child healing and navigating dark nights of the soul.

More About Cynthia Clarke

Cynthia Clarke is a gifted Intuitive and Guide, Certified Energy Practitioner, Rapid Eye Technology Therapist, Certified Reiki Level 1, 2, & Master, Certified Holistic Health Coach, and Certified Foot Zone Practitioner.

After devoting several decades uncovering the mysteries of longevity and lasting health, her personal triumph has proven the innate gift we each have to heal! This has ignited her passion to help others reclaim their own power and find lasting joy and health.  

Inner Child Healing Podcast

In prior episodes of Modern Sages, Candace and Jenn shared the powerful healing and transformative tools of Shamanic Journey Work and the Tree of Life. When we explore the Tree of Life, we can access the Lower World. One of the dimensions of the Lower World is the realm of the inner child. Inner child work, also referred to as inner child healing, is a way to heal the wounding we may have experienced as a child. This wounding can have profound affect on current relationships and perspectives about life. Regardless of the severity, we all have inner child wounding on some level. This has direct impact on the way we interact with the world.

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