Are You Having A Hard Time Trusting Your Intuition?

Maybe things didn’t go as planned and you find yourself in a space “What the heck was I thinking? It felt so right and didn’t go as planned at all. I cannot trust myself”

Or do you find yourself bitter because certain circumstances haven’t gone your way? 

Maybe this is from your own making or maybe you’re find yourself at the mercy of someone else. 

If you said yes to these quotations, this  podcast just might be for you. Jenn shares her most recent experiences embracing the medicine within as a Modern Day Medicine Woman. Along with major soul lessons, Jenn shares little things she has done each day to infuse her mind, body, and soul with Medicine. 

Jenn shares how she is been navigating this huge wave of anger and disappointment for circumstances out of her control. This has been a leading factor in questioning her own intuition. This has caused Jenn to dive deeper into understanding and embracing soul contacts. 

 This life plan was created for your expansion and awakening. All souls create agreements to activate growth and remembrance. Before you were born into this human life, your soul had a plan.

Leaning into this truth has brought ease and a higher remembrance of the bigger us being here in this human form now. 

If this calls to you in anyway….. give it a listen! 

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