Connecting To Your Loved Ones During The Holidays

In this episode, Jen shares recent updates going on in life. She also shares a journey in which she meets with her grandmother who has passed. During this journey, she learns about the limitations that hold us back from connecting to our loved ones during the holiday season.

The holidays and be a tough time for many. Those who are navigating grief and loss tend to feel even more alone. We can also feel extremely stressed, or overwhelmed about how we are supposed to show up for the season. In this episode, Jen hopes that you find peace and understanding for your purpose during this holiday season.

She hopes that you can take to heart Some of these tools to connect to your loved ones to make this season even more special.

In this podcast, Jenn shares a tool she experienced while speaking with her grandmother during her journey. This is called Memory Mapping.

This can be used to open yourself to connect to yours. This is done by taking time to map out a memory, person, or place in which you want to have a deeper connection. By activating your five senses. This act is a deeper soul-to-soul connection with those with which you are wanting to connect. Here are five steps to begin;

  1. Take the time to find it place where your mind can focus.
  2. Take five deep breaths with your hand on your heart. 
  3. Once you have centered yourself, focus on the person, memory, or place with which you want to connect with. 
  4. Allow yourself to experience this event; focus on recalling and remembering using all of your senses. 
  5. As you take the time to map out or draw on paper the smaller details remembered, this is a great place to start with memory mapping. Bringing our thoughts into the physical form will help bridge the spiritual and physical together. 

This is just one of the many activities Jenn and her Grandmother communicate about. As we take the time to connect with our loved ones, we are opening the space to infinite love and light. You have the ability, give it a try!

Guided Journey To The Ancestors

Join Jenn in a guided journey to meet your ancestors.  Journey work has brought self discovery. Journey work has been the biggest tool that has transformed my connection to life. I have been able to connect to my ancestors connect to my shadow connect to my higher beings of light and even the galactic family through journey work. I have also received amazing healing. Journey work is so powerful because you’re not relying upon someone else to give you answers you are receiving and finding those answers on your own. Along with spirit of course. It is by far the most impactful healing tool I have EVER Experienced. 
 I hope you enjoy this guided journey. 

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