The Magic Sauce Of Manifestation With Candace Kunze

In this episode, Candace Kunze joins in. They talk about the power of reciprocity. This is a key aspect and shamanic teachings and can benefit anybody in their every day life. They dive deep into the power of giving gratitude, Thanksgiving, and giving to those as a way of deepening a spiritual connection. It was such an amazing and fun conversation.

As a collective we are being given the momentous opportunity to awaken to who we really are. This identity has nothing to do with our race, gender, status or sexual orientation. This realization has nothing to do with our body, mind or emotions. It is not our stories or trauma either. We are something so much greater.

What is Reciprocity? Reciprocity is a process of exchanging things with other people to gain a mutual benefit. The norm of reciprocity. Having the remembrance that we are more than our bodies, and what feel or think does not define us, quickens our awakening. This higher perspective assists us through the challenges we face on this human journey. It also cultivates more joy and fulfillment as we become aware,  that we are more power.

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