VULNERABLE Shifts Taking Place In My Life

In this episode, Jenn shares her personal experience stepping into mediumship. She shares real and raw honest thoughts, lessons learned, and the surrender to spirituality. Jenn has felt a deep call to empower others to embrace their unique medicine. She shares what she has been feeling and experiencing in hopes of moving forward, not quite sure what that looks like yet, but moving forward with trust in spirit.

“I have experienced this shift in my energy field, an unraveling of what I am feeling called to experience. I have come to understand that this is part of the human journey. There will be phases of growth, experience, and lessons learned. This also is very significant when it comes to spiritual gifts. I have felt a call to dive deeper into a new space of my own spirituality out of my own remembrance.”

In this episode, Jenn also shares her recent experience facilitating a cacao ceremony. This cacao ceremony was centered upon the element of water. Water accesses such a great deep sense of emotion. She shares the beauty and the excitement of moving forward in new ways of being a medicine woman. As her role and expression of spirituality have been shifting and changing, her inner call is changing as well.

Surrendering to the flow of spiritual change can be exciting and terrifying all at the same time.

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