How Others Are Embracing The Medicine Within

During the Launch of The Modern Sages Soul Tribe, I asked 4 amazing women to share what they have done to connect to the medicine within.
We each bring a unique medicine we bring to the world. As we access that power, self-healing, ancestral healing, and global healing are possible. In doing so, this medicine activates color, vitality, and sweetness in life. It empowers us to navigate, embrace, and thrive in this physical journey.

I have reflected on the past few years, I had experience levels and layers of learning. There have been great times of triumph and joy as well as deep wounds and dark despair. I have had to sit with feelings and emotions that I never wanted to experience. I’m getting those times, I have come to understand myself so much better.

WE ALL HAVE WOUNDS that hold us back from fully experiencing love in and for life.

We have the choice to heal and move forward or allow that wound to take hold and cheat us from fully feeling love in this life.

Part of this human thing is experiencing all aspects of being human. Yet, we mustn’t get stuck in the darkness we forget what truly matters.

It is such an inspiration to hear how others have deepened the remembrance and stepped into embracing the medicine within.

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Meet these amazing women!!

Navigating grief and loss with Ashley

My name is Ashley Curtis. I am a single mom of 2 amazing kids. I work for the Navy as well as I am a health coach for an amazing company that helped me lose 75 lbs and get off all medications.
I was widowed a little over 2 years ago and that is when my spiritual journey began again. I reached out to Jen for a session and then felt prompted to ask her if she could teach me how to connect back into spirit since then I have learned so much and am now doing Shamanism Journeys which has helped me heal myself so much.

Embracing Spirituality With Emiko

My name is Emiko, I am an artist and energy healer/medicine woman born and raised in Southern California. I grew up in a traditional Christian household and believed in a higher power my entire life but I felt that the teachings I was taught, were missing something. I struggled to connect in church and have always been fascinated by psychic phenomena but as an obedient and sensitive child, I questioned my doubts in secret. This resulted in me never feeling completely understood by most people, and not understanding myself, resulting in extreme social anxiety and depression. In the last few years after going to therapy, I took up a practice in meditation, which opened the doors for me to ask more questions about the true divinity of life and who God is. Everything I’ve found within me, through Spirit has propelled me to face my fears and truly live the life I’ve dreamed about and I cannot wait to share my journey through some projects that I will be carrying out very soon.

Embracing Healing With Kari

I used to be a complete slave to what people thought of me.
It would paralyze me to walk into a room of people I didn’t know. I would have panic attacks.
I grew up in a religion that was very strict on behaviors and I internalized that my human-ness made me bad and unworthy.
I began wrongful thought processes like “I was unworthy.” “I was bad. I was not good. I was not worthy of good things because I wasn’t perfect.”
As a young adult, this affected my self-worth and my image of myself.
I’m 30 now and I’m not that scared young woman anymore. I found my strength. My inner worth. My ACTUAL God and not the one I was conditioned to believe in. I found safety and beauty in my sexuality.

Become the woman and mother you need to be for yourself first

Medicine In Action With Candace

Candace has over two decades of experience as a healer, intuitive, teacher, and facilitator. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Utah and became an Elementary Teacher through the Alternative Routes to Licensure Program from Utah State. She holds certifications as a Reiki Master and Teacher, Certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regressionist, Nutritional Herbalist, and Cacao Ceremony Facilitator.

Candace’s passion is to relieve suffering, by shifting humanity’s perspective on their relationship to life, and what it means to be Human BE-ing in the Aquarian Age.

“May your path be blessed, as we explore this “Beauty Way” together? And, may you become the “Hero” of your own healing journey, by coming back into remembrance of who you truly are.”

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