Illuminating darkness has always been an intriging concept for myself. Many talk about the magical power of shadow work. This is also known as, embracing those things we do not see or we do not WANT to see.

There are powerful lessons to learn in those things which we call darkness. The more you push them down, the more they tend to rise and overpower us in life. You might notice that many spiritual workers, those two are connected to the universe, those who are playing big in life, share what they have learned while embracing those shadow aspects of them self. This being key in our growth as a spirit in this physical body.

Duality in all things is necessary for here and now. We are spirits come here to experience all aspects of humanity lighten dark is crucial and honoring our souls yearning to embraces human experience.

In this episode of The Modern Sages Podcast, Deborah Eden Tull is our guest. We dive deeper into her latest book LUMINOUS DARKNESS: AN ENGAGED BUDDHIST APPROACH TO EMBRACING THE UNKNOWN.

In this episode she shares her understanding of Enlightenment vs. Endarkenment. She shares a powerful concept of embracing the darkness as a way of embracing humanity. We touch up on the current situation of society and how we can find meaning and all that is going on.

More About Deborah Eden Toll

Deborah Eden Tull, is a Zen meditation and engaged dharma teacher, public speaker, author, and sustainability educator, who teaches dharma intertwined with post-patriarchal thought and practices, resting upon a lived knowledge of our unity with the more than human world.. 

Eden trained for seven and a half years as a Buddhist monk at a silent Zen monastery and has taught engaged dharma for over 20 years. 

Eden has lived in sustainable communities and as an organic gardener/farmer for decades and celebrates the essential wisdom of nature.

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