“I Am Free” Navigating Life Outside Of Religion With Malorie Heber

In this episode, Malorie Heber is our guest. Malorie tells about her healing journey with organized religion. At a very dark point in life, she let go of what was no longer bringing light and joy into life. Mother Earth brought deep profound healing. During this time of healing, Malorie became a breathe work practitioner. She hosts online, in-person breathe work classes along with woman’s adventure retreats.

Malorie dives deep Into her experience with the healing power of breath work. Breathwork has helped her navigate through transitions and changes in her life. She has also found great support and helped others to do the same. She shares with us deeper about how breath work works and the backstory of her coming into this beautiful healing modality.

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“The last 2 years have been the loneliest and darkest years I’ve ever experienced. Like the type of dark that feels like there is no light to ever be had again. It’s been sleepless nights of anguish and tears. It’s been writing letters of suicide in my journal because I believed everyone would be happier with me dead then they would be if I said I didn’t believe in the church anymore.

I feel more found than I have my entire life. I finally found a relationship with my creator that I WANT to nourish and flourish in. Mostly though, I finally feel free from constantly trying to prove my worth and prove I’m worth saving. I don’t believe in that kind of God anymore. I don’t believe there is an organization on Earth that has the “whole truth” and have found beautiful cultures and traditions from all over the world who have pieces of truth.

It’s excruciatingly painful to go through a faith transition, and I want you to know that if you are amidst one you are not alone.

I don’t care what you believe in, just know I respect your beliefs and I hope you can respect mine as well”

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I hope you enjoyed this podcast, listening to Malorie helped give me peace and comfort in my spiritual journey with organized religion. It has brought me to a space of wanting to implement breathe work into my everyday life.

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