Bridging Spirituality & Motherhood W/ Spirit Mammas

Does it ever feel like you’ve lost yourself? As a mom, have you spent so much time in your children that you don’t know who you are? Spirit mamas has got your back.

In this Episode on The Modern Sages Podcast, Victoria and Tiffany from Spirit Mamas, share how becoming mamas sent them on a path of inner-discovery, and for them to share some of the tools, mystical methods, and practical rituals. They’ve learned to follow their own inner truth and flow with the universe.

We all go through phases in life where we feel we have lost our self. In these times, it is the most significant for our souls growth to regroup and find a new expression for ourself.

This is part of the growth that we came here to experience. There is nothing bad or wrong about regrouping, re-branding, and re-changing who it is that you are. They are going to be cycles of life and in each cycle of life a new aspect of who you truly are tends to show up.

As we take the time to reconnect within, we can welcome these beautiful cycles in life with ease and compassion.

Their passion is cultivating a community of loving, beautiful, energetic beings who show up to life perfectly imperfect. During this episode, we get a beautiful reading from Spirit Mammas Oracle Deck. This divinely channeled 44-card oracle deck was created to help you come home to yourself again and again. Use the seven suits in this deck to connect to your intuition, find your inner power, and bloom into your most authentic self as a modern multi-dimensional mama, woman, and human.

In this episode Victoria shares a beautiful channeled message about the duality we experience in life. This is a beautiful space of learning and growing.

They Pull a card from there beautiful Oracle deck, and channel a message for the Modern Sages Souk Tribe.

I hope that in listening to this podcast, it brings peace and a new found passion for navigating the cycles of life. I absolutely loved connecting with Spirit Mamas. They have such a beauty life of flowing as they embrace the medicine within.

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