Mastering Manifestation w/ Leah Paradee

In this episode of The Modern Sages Podcast, Jenn Gilbreth interviews Leah Pardee. In this conversation they dive deeper into Manifestation, Breathwork, Social Media Addiction, and unapologetically fully embracing yourself. 

Leah Pardee is an Alignment Mentor, Breathwork Facilitator, author of Confessions of an Uncaged Soul and Host of Bear Naked Soul Podcast. She is here  to have real, raw conversations about mindset, spirituality and women’s empowerment.

Breath work is the fastest and most effective way to bring the heart, mind, body, and spirit into alignment. Depending on what you hope to get out of incorporating breathing into your life… there are many different effective breathing tools.

What we both have found effective in navigating social media, is to make it a goal to not look at your phone until a certain time in the morning. This gives you time to wake up and get connected with your day. 

Many of us spend time scrolling right before bed and right when we  wake up. This puts us in the space of disconnection throughout the whole day.

Set a time in the morning in which you can get on your phone. It is also a great idea when you will put your phone away in the evening. 

  1. Take a moment to center yourself, take five deep breathes. 
  2. Ask yourself, “what time should I plan on using my phone?” 
  3. Once you have the time in your mind, ask yourself the following, “ What can I do in the morning instead of looking at my phone?”
  4. Take time to reflect different ways that you can feel bad time with connecting back to your self.
  5. Once that is complete ask yourself “what time in the evening do you need to disconnect from your phone?”

  6. Let us to be a guide for you. Give yourself 10 days to see how much of an impact this makes for you.

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We are here to embrace the human experience and making the most of our time is a crucial aspect of what we were here to experience. This conversation was so lightning and beautiful to connect with him. I hope you found a new spark in deepening your medicine within. 

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