Dream Interpretation & Sacred Dream Time

Have you woken up with a download of information?
Have you woken up with a new passion or an answer to an unexplainable question?
Are your spiritual gifts opening in ways you cannot explain?

While your body is sleeping, your spirit may be attending a spiritual mystery school.

There are two parts to his podcast, In the first part, Jenn shares what she has learned during sessions about sacred Dreamtime. In the second part of this podcast, Kristine Case, Jen’s mom, shares what she has learned about dream interpretation over the last 35 years.

This is a fun concept to be taken with an open mind. See what resonates with you. He may be surprised at how much you were learning during sleep or from your dreams.

The Sacred Dream Time

Many of us experience the sacred space of traveling while sleeping, this can be assisting in growth, and connection with our ancestors and those who have passed, or spirits in any form. 

There’s a shift of energy as we enter into the dream realm. Recently many will wake in the morning still feeling they didn’t get much rest. This can feel as though your spirit was hard at work all night long. 

This doesn’t mean that every single night we are in this higher state of growth. At different times in our soul’s growth, we do a lot of soul expansion. In our dream time, I’m a be a great support in the lessons we are learning. We may experience many different things in this space of travel outside the body in the spirit realm. 

In my experience, when we are sleeping we can also go to a mystery spirit school. Our spirit is still anxiously engaged in extension and growth. These schools are where we can go to learn more about ourselves, connect to our ancestors, dive deep into understanding, Understand the laws of the universe, co-creation, healing, and so much more. This is where our souls can come to access deep abilities of spiritual gifts. It is an empowering state of reconnecting to the true essence.

All of this is done to find ways to bring it into its physical form. To co-create in the spirit realm and the physical realm.

Dream Interpretation

Jenn added a conversation with her mother, Kristine Case. In this discussion, she shares with us how she has interpreted her dreams and how you can do the same.

Dreams are also a powerful tool to connect to your higher self. They can help you be more intuitive, creating a space to listen within to acknowledge the deeper meanings of dreams. There are many different types of dreams.

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Personal Activity

A great way to integrate the dream time is before doing anything else in the morning, to take time to reflect or write whatever first comes to mind. This is a perfect way to reclaim knowledge your spirit is ready and willing to bridge into the physical realm.

There are so many ways for our souls to grow and have a connection. Many expressions empower us to embrace medicine by empowering us on a personal individual level.

  1. Grab a one and paper and write about your dream, as you reflect it opens the space for a deeper meaning to come forward. 
  2. Share with someone you trust, talking out loud may be a great way to receive a download more information. 
  3. Look up in a trusted source different spiritual meanings of dreams. Take time to reflect on how that could release into your life. 

There is no right or wrong way to interrupt dreams. This is a safe way to better your higher self. Our soul came here in this physical realm to experience this human life. Our dream time dreams are just one aspect of such a beautiful evolution and growth. 

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