How To Communicate With Animals

Welcome to Modern Sages Podcast, in this episode, we will talk all things animals; how to communicate to animals, things I have learned while delivering messages from animals, how we can find animal totems, and animal signs and symbols.

When I was little, I had a cat named Jamie. He was my best friend. I did everything with that cat. I loved playing with him in the backyard. We would run through the shrubs and leaves as if he was in the jungle. Four days before Christmas, he ran out the front door and got hit by a car. I was devastated. The days after is passing, I felt deep sadness.

I decided that I was never going love an animal again. That it was way too painful for my little heart. It was after the point my allergies for animals showed up. Whenever I was around dogs or cats, my eyes would swell up my throat would close. I never wanted to have an animal because they would just die.

After we got married my husband asked if we could get a dog. After many conversations, we got found the perfect little Goldendoodle, Murphy, 

Instantly, I just loved him to pieces. It was so exciting and fun to take him on walks and train him. As I bonded with him I was healing that little girl inside of me. Three weeks after we got Murphy, we decided he needed a playmate. We got Ozzie and haven’t looked back since.  Ozzy is our cuddle boy. He is so kind, fun, sweet, and so healing.

We came here embrace this human journey fully. It is always good to remember that we are an infinite spirit having a human experience. We are a spirit before we come to earth and we are a spirit after we leave this earth. Having a spiritual connection and communication is our spiritual natural essence. Animals also have their own infinite spirit. Every animal has their own unique personality. They too are here having an earth experience. Therefore, we can communicate spirit to spirit.

How to communicate with animals

  1. Take time to slow down
  2. Get on there level (face to face)
  3. Give them lots of love 
  4. Let them know how loved they are
  5. Ask them what you need to know
  6. What are the first thoughts that come to mind?

The key is to Cultivate that space of connection. When they feel loved and heard your connection will get stronger. Trust yourself and the thoughts or feeling that come to you. This is there spirit to spirit way of talking back. 

When delivering messages from animals, there is a common thread of them showing up as guardians. They are here to help us embrace the present moment, help us heal, and bring joy to life. Animals make us slow down. We take time out of our day the I tend their needs. If we allow, they keep us out in nature and keep us active.

The very first time I delivered a message of an animal, it was a dog, I could explain what the dog even looked like. His dog acknowledged the role he came to life to achieve. The dog helped him go through abuse as a teen, a major breakup, and being there has he fell in love and had a family. At one point the dog acknowledged he had been there to help him stay here in the physical world.

The dog was beaming with pride. Even if he wasn’t there in the physical form, he was still apart in spirit. The most beautiful part if the session was the dog acknowledging that he has a himself and the family to live now. To see how much that dog impacted who he was was so incredible.

 I’ve had others who had family members wanting to come forward but the individual really wanted to hear from the animals. Cats, goats, horses, birds, ext. The messages they bring are full of love and a deep understanding.

It is really fun to see how not only we have the ancestors and loved ones who have passed on but we can have connection to those who have passed on of our animals. They are still here to help us. They show up to help us feel more connected, feel more light, and to be present in the moment which I find so empowering an absolutely beautiful. 

On top of that, we can connect to spiritual totems or animal totems to help us along our journey. Spirit animals can show up in many ways; here are three of the most common.

Signs From Spirit

Animals or insects that we associate with a loved one who has passed. These can be signs of Letting those here know they are around or in support of a life decision.

This who lived on the land before us used animals as a connection with the divine. Depending on what animals appeared, it was a message from the Gods. To this day, messages show up in animals. If you have an animal that keeps showing up, take time to look up the spiritual meaning behind it.

Animal totems

This is when the spirit or essence of an animal comes to you offering great wisdom and strength. Many times this is experienced in spirit however doesn’t have to be. We can call on the animal to bring forth power, protection, healing, and so much more. Want to learn more about animal totems? 

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