New Changes Coming Our Way!

When you stop and think about it, this human experience is funny.
Life is all about embracing change. We are sharing a bittersweet change happening with The Modern Sages. Everything we experience is so comical. We feel so heavy and go-go. In reality, we are in a resting space of growth and experience.

There have been many changes going on in my life. I like to have a tight grip on what is happening around me. Anxiety is something I have felt ever since I was little. Change crashes over me with waves of anxiety.

However, even during times of change
I can’t help but feel an overflow of gratitude and peace, even with unknowns on the horizon.

The funny thing is, no matter how hard we try, how much we try to control… everything in life is unknown.

As much as we like this we are in control, At any moment life can be changed.

One minute everything is okay, the next minute the comfort you have spent so long creating can be swept away in the blink of an eye.

This can feel good or bad. But in the end, there is always a lesson to learn, a miracle to experience, and a new future unfolding.

Can we ever really have control of anything?

We will miss having Candace on the Podcast each week. We look forward to the conversations in the future with her. However, we are extremely excited about the new places we will go.

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