Overcoming The Witch Wound

When you start opening to your spiritual gifts, do you fear you may be perceived as a witch?

Do you fear you are being misled, and have trouble trusting your intuition?

If the answer is yes, you are not alone. This wounding is found in the collective and is being called for healing at this time of awakening.

In this episode Spirit, Medium Jenn & Shaman Candace continue sharing more about gifts of the spirit. Many are being called to go within their heart space, and as a result, gifts of the spirit are being reignited. We all have deep-rooted spiritual gifts. Before we came earth side we were spirit. This connection to spirit is the natural essence of who we are.

Not only are we being called to authentically own our spiritual gifts, but collectively we are being called to face “The Witch Wound”

The Witch Wound is a collection of trauma that has been passed down through our DNA from our ancestors or past life. Those deeply affected by this wound throughout history were healers, wise women, herbalists, midwives, etc.

This is not just a wound that affects a few, this is a collective wounding and it affects us as a humanity.

The Witch Wound was caused by persecution, shaming, belittling, not being good enough, being too much, being too bold, too different, or too weird.

Want To Learn More About Your Spiritual Gifts?

Over time we were conditioned to stay small, to stay hidden, to not trust our inner authority, and to live in fear. This fear has been passed down for generations.
It may be easier or “acceptable” for us to hide away from shining our light or sharing our gifts with the world.

This witch wound is asking us to step up. To share the beauty and our gifts of the spirit with the world, to bring it back into balance.

“As we own our spiritual gifts and our connection to other earth. We are healing generations affected by the witch wound. We are being called to stand up and heal.”
-Spirit Medium Jenn

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Here at Modern Sages Podcast we are all about empowering others with their spiritual awakening, strengthening spiritual gifts, and incorporating the sacred into everyday life. By integrating the wisdom of the past with the present, and coming into remembrance of who we truly are.

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