Life As A Medium

In this episode spirit medium Jenn Gilbreth shares her story of bringing a spirit medium. She shares the ups and downs of what it has been like. As a child, she felt as though angels were watching her all the time. There was a constant unseen presence day and night. Jenn felt them while playing hide and seek in the basement, walking to meet a friend, walking past houses, ect. Jenn felt nervous and anxious all the time. She shares how she overcame and moved forward to step into spiritual gift. 

Jenn has delivered hundreds of messages from loved ones who have passed on. These message bringing peace, healing, comfort, and empower others to live life to the fullest. 
Along with channeling messages from beyond, she has hosted and participated in group healing retreats, spiritual gifts classes, and has spent much time working with spiritually sensitive and gifted children. 
It is Jenns hope to help change the world, raising awareness, and helping others become more attuned to what this life is really about. 
This life isn’t just to climb the ladder of success, accomplish the “dream list” on paper. This life is about self-discovery, taking risks, exploring proud truths, dreaming big, and being authentic to our unique souls journey.

“As we connect within, healing takes place, possibilities arise, and the world becomes a playground to take risks, dream big, and experience more”
This is the message Jenn is here to share. This is her hope and dream. Empower others to live an authentic life of love, courage, and truth. 

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