Our Daily Spiritual Routines

In this episode Shaman Candace and Spirit Medium Jenn share what they do to  stay centered and grounded, in a time of extreme change and transformation.

In this Aquarian Age, we will be bombarded with information. It is going to become  more  and more important to create daily habits, to stay centered in who you really are, while maintaining balance in all areas of your life.

Living the beauty way, or heart centered life is a balanced way to navigate this human journey.

It is Candace and Jenn’s hope that sharing how they maintain balance  as multidimensional beings, will inspire all to cultivate daily habits to live a healthier and happier life.

Spirit Medium Jenn has assisted others with connecting to those who have passed, empowering others to step into their spiritual gifts, and offering ancestral l break throughs.

While Life As A Spirit Medium  has been extremely rewarding, it hasn’t always been easy. Taking time align and set up proper spiritual rituals has made all the difference.

“I felt forced to stop sharing and exploring my spiritual gifts because it wasn’t “normal or accepted” Every time I stopped myself from exploring and using this gift, I felt dead inside. I went to college, worked many different jobs, I even moved to another state, yet I still felt something was missing. I was not happy. I felt a HUGE part of me was missing. When I was open to this gift, without fail spirit would send those who were ready to finding healing from deceased loved ones. As I used this gift, I found purpose, excitement, trust, and confidence.

I felt alive. This was my purpose.”
-Spirit Medium Jenn

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