Our Healing Journey With Shamanism

In this podcast epidode, we just felt very inspired share more about Why Shamanism Is A Healing Path. We talk about  soul contracts, the healing miracles and healing benefits that we have seen. 

We both have seen amazing blessings in our lives and want to help feel the same empowerment if they are feeling called. We are here to help bring that awareness to people that there is so much more healing available and soul for healing.  

In the episode Shaman Candace and Medium Jenn share there personal experiences on the shamanic healing path. We get personal and share amazing transformation during our journey work.

The Shamanic journey involves traveling within oneself for the purpose of connection and healing. It is a way to safely leave the body and explore the Cosmic Divine Self. This profound exploration assists the soul in discovering the answers to life’s most intimate questions.

Because journey work has brought such profound healing to both of us. We invite you to explore this life-transforming, healing path to come back into remembrance of who you truly are.

Shamans travel all three realms through Journey Work. Through these sacred journeys, one has the opportunity to experience profound healing, and discover more about the Multi-Dimensional Self.

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