What Is Sexual Energy?

Did you ever wonder if there was more to sexual energy than what society has taught you to believe? We came here to fully experience this life.

Our body plays a huge role in embarrassing all the lessons our souls are learning. There is nothing unholy about being human.

In this episode, Shaman Candace and Spirit Medium Jenn discuss the profound, healing, transformational, and manifesting power of sexual energy.

There is nothing unholy about being human, and sexuality is a part of this human journey. We are coming into a time when this energy is being expressed more than ever because it is being called for healing. Our understanding of sexual energy has been out of balance.

As we explore the life force energy that is
all around us, we can come to understand that our sexuality is just another extension of that life force energy. This Life force energy exists in all living things and keeps them alive.

As we explore sexual energy, or life force energy, we explore ways of bringing it into balance, as well as ways to use it for healing and transformation. This shift of perspective can assist us in creating space to connect within and honor all aspects of this human experience.

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